28 August 2011


Cory Odell: Inspired by the world, both natural and man-made, and fashion. A fan of abstract art. Enjoys lots of color, specifically warm colors.

From both the large and small group critiques, I am proud to say my first attempt at Cory's name tag was quite successful. It utilized the principles and elements of design in a positive way while representing who Cory is well. After discussing the name tag with the smaller critique group, I was told to use a different hue of the colors as it basically looked as though it represented the pride rainbow for homosexuality. I appreciated this critique as I had a feeling there was something "wrong" that I could just not put my finger on. It was also suggested that I add dimension, but I was not sure if that was necessary since that was not the look I was going for.

The updated name tag does indeed use different hues of the colors. I also decided to emphasize the warm colors more since that was a request from the client.