30 August 2011



A clock is an instrument that is used to indicate, keep, and co-ordinate time (Wikipedia). 
-- radial symmetry (most instances) 
-- numerical 
-- 1 - 12 

Clock = time.

Time is used to sequence events, compare durations of events and intervals between them, and to quantify rates of change (Wikipedia). 
-- precise & exact
-- never ending

28 August 2011


I have been to the Weatherspoon Art Museum many times because I had a class in the auditorium that was housed there.  I never took the opportunity to explore the museum or try to understand what it was all about until recently.  The way I entered the building was altered because I came in through the "back", and this allowed me to experience the museum in a completely different way.

Walking in from the parking lot, one is greeted by a set of iron gates that are beautifully industrious.  Continuing forward, the sculpture garden easily comes into sight and each direction offers something new to look at.  It was quite successful implementing this garden in as part of the "back" entrance because it truly heightens the overall experience.  Depending on how one looks at it, it may be unfortunate (or fortunate) that the garden outshines the lobby of the museum; once I was in the building, I was somewhat bored and wanted to go back out to the garden.

The lobby doesn't offer a good look at what the rest of the museum has to offer.  The interior has a cold kind of feeling that isn't all that inviting.  The life of the museum exists upstairs, but the lobby doesn't pull someone in enough to make them go upstairs to see what else is left.

First draft of Weatherspoon diagram.

Second draft of diagram; figuring out layout.

Final draft of plan; color discovery.


Cory Odell: Inspired by the world, both natural and man-made, and fashion. A fan of abstract art. Enjoys lots of color, specifically warm colors.

From both the large and small group critiques, I am proud to say my first attempt at Cory's name tag was quite successful. It utilized the principles and elements of design in a positive way while representing who Cory is well. After discussing the name tag with the smaller critique group, I was told to use a different hue of the colors as it basically looked as though it represented the pride rainbow for homosexuality. I appreciated this critique as I had a feeling there was something "wrong" that I could just not put my finger on. It was also suggested that I add dimension, but I was not sure if that was necessary since that was not the look I was going for.

The updated name tag does indeed use different hues of the colors. I also decided to emphasize the warm colors more since that was a request from the client.

18 May 2011


As I was browsing the internet, I came across this blog that has a lot of cute, random things on it. These do include some interiors which I found to be very inspiring and here are some images:

Images credited to Sofia's Journal. 

01 May 2011


We did value scales for four different textures and materials: wood, stone, textile, and carpet. The top row of each pair shows a close up scale, and the bottom row shows a scale farther away. This was fairly difficult to do because it was not easy trying to capture both the texture of each material along with how different shades of light affected it.